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5 Tips to Improve Ecommerce Website Design Checkout Page

Learn in detailed that how the E-commerce giants adopted the great Tips to Improve Ecommerce Website Design Checkout pages.With the advancement of technology, Ecommerce platforms have seen a steady growth, allowing users to take their businesses to new heights. Customers can now shop online from their mobile devices with ease. There has also been a significantincrease in the number of brands available online, making it tough for businesses to attract new customers.

Therefore, in order to divert customer’s attention away from the ever-growing competition, retailers are building user-friendly websites. A well-designed website with a simplified check-out process can help customers make a quicker purchase decision.

Simple Checkout Process

Here are 5 tips how retailers can provide their customers with a smooth checkout process, hence increasing conversion rates

One of the top priority of retailers is to provideutmost convenience to their customers. Thus, a complicate checkout process with additional and irrelevant details might confuse customers. Your website design may be attractive enough to get clients to check out, but if your order processing procedures are complicated, they may not complete the purchase.

Your checkout process should be simple, preferably a single page layout. It should have just enough information necessary for the order to be placed. It can also display progress indicators to show clients where they are in the order completion process. This leads clients to believe that the process is nearly finished. You should further remove distractions like pop-up adverts, sign-ups, and a chat box in order to create a flawless checkout procedure.

Foodpanda offers its customers with a simple 3 step checkout procedure, so they can easily navigate through the order filling process.

  1. Limited Time Offers

    Customers are generally attracted to ecommerce stores by flash deals and discounts. Limited-time offers instill a sense of urgency in clients, encouraging them to purchase as quickly as possible. Brands typically utilize this strategy to optimize their checkout process. By including appealing offers such as ‘limited stock’ or ‘sale ends in 2 days,’ you may encourage buyers to acquire your products within that time frame. Another intriguing strategy is to include coupons or discount codes in your checkout to entice customers to purchase the goods at a lower price.

  1. In addition to this, several brands like to attract customers byincorporating free shipping in their ecommerce stores. Free shipping encourages customers to make a quick purchase decision online. If your ecommerce store doesn’t currently provide free shipping, you’re missing out on a huge chance to reduce cart abandonment and boost conversion rates (Source). It is observed that free shipping can boost your website conversion rates by 50%. So adding that to your checkout process may be one of the key motivators to acquire customers.
  2. Build Trust with your customers

    It is very common for your customers to have trust issues while shopping online. A well-designed website should be able to provide customers with clear trust signals. It is also possible that they are reluctant to add their credit card details on an online platform. To overcome this issue, you should provide important details like your social proof, contact number, and live chat options. This makes your website look credible and provides your customers with the impression that they are in good hands.

    Customers have the most trust in a website that can protect their personal information while also delivering the right products with honest service. You can include product reviews for each item, allowing shoppers to thoroughly evaluate your product before purchasing it.You can further provide security certificates such as McAfee so that customers feel safe buying from your site, resulting in a smooth checkout process.

    Dexterous is a digital marketing agency that provides customer reviews of its services offered, so that potential clients can assess their authenticity and make an informed decision before availing their service.

  1. Offer Delayed Registration

    If you provide any distraction to customers during the checkout process, it is possible that they end up leaving your site. It is therefore important that the registration forms are popped up at the end of the checkout process, when the payment and other necessary details have been entered.

    The entire idea of a registration form is to ease out the ordering process on your ecommerce website. Customers contact and billing information is stored in order to hinder any delays in the next purchase. However, providing a detailed form at the start of a checkout process may be a time consuming task for your customers. It’s therefore a better option to bring them closer to order completion than provide the form so they are more likely to fill it.

    HubSpot offers its website visitors with an option to avail their free service before signing up for registration, so they first walk you through their offering and then ask for a purchase.

  1. Provide Multiple Payment Options

    A good website should be able to maximize customer satisfaction. There’s a possibility that if customers are not provided with alternate payment options, they’re likely to search through other sites and leave yours. A customer is likely to buy from your site only if their preferred payment option is available.

    Alternative payment methods allow customers to pay in a way that best fits them, therefore it’s critical for you to be able to offer multiple payment options at the checkout stage. Some of the widely used payment methods include Credit & Debit cards, PayPal, Alipay, Mastercard, e-money and virtual cards. Incorporating these in your checkout process will satisfy the needs and preferences of all kinds of customers. Hence, giving them the best ecommerce website experience.

    Shein is an online clothing store that provides a wide range of payment options to its customers, allowing them to get their products regardless of their payment preferences.

In conclusion, there are a variety of methods for improving your ecommerce website design experience. The main focus should be to design asimple and straightforward checkout process, so your customers enjoy a hassle-free experience.Applying these methods and regularly monitoring site data can help online brands improve their website experience and attract new customers.
If you want to boost your conversion rates with an improved website checkout, you can combine these techniques with joining ecommerce services at Dexterous.


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Muhammad Anas is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Dexterous. Anas specializes in creating effective strategies for digital marketing activities across SEM, social media and other platforms. Hard work, consistency and a creative mindset are the driving forces he live by.

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