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Best Generator Won’t Start

Top 10 reasons that your emergency home best generator won’t turn on

In the uncertain Wisconsin winters, how can you do if your house is without electricity? Don’t sit in the dark and worry about the food you refrigerated spoiling; depend on your best generator to kick in and keep your heating and cooling systems running. What happens if the best generator doesn’t operate?

When the generator’s engine won’t start, it’s frustrating and dealing with extreme cold or heat without power can be dangerous. It’s easy to fix a best generator that has stopped operating. Read on to learn about the most frequently occurring causes of generators not starting and what you can do to restore power to your house.

There’s nothing more annoying than taking your best generator out of the garage only to find that it’s not turning on the way it’s supposed to. This isn’t a major issue however, it’s the most common problem with generators that they won’t turn on.

It is possible to begin to troubleshoot your best generator by examining the most common reasons for starting problems. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the top 10 reasons the generator will not start and guide you on your way to fixing them.

1. Fuel tank is low

It is important to check the fuel levels first. Check the fuel level of your best generator which runs on gasoline. If the levels are low, you should add fuel to the tank. For propane-powered generators be sure to check the fuel level and ensure that all the tubing and valves connecting the propane tank to the generator are in good working order.

For generators that run on gasoline, keep in your mind that “stale” gasoline, or any gasoline that is more than two months old, can cause damage to the generator’s engine. Remove the stale gasoline from the fuel tank as well as the carburetor, then fill the tank with new gasoline.

2. The oil levels are low in the engine

The importance of oil is in your generator’s engines. While most generators have sensors to let you know when oil levels run low, it is still vital to test the oil levels with dipsticks. If you’re experiencing low oil replenish with the correct type of oil according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. This is an ideal moment to change the oil filter to keep your generator in top shape and avoid costly breakdowns and emergency repairs.

3. Dead Battery

Similar to your car, if the best generator isn’t starting, it could be due to a dead battery or faulty connections. It is possible to charge the battery by using a 12-volt DC outlet, or you can give it a boost with your car’s battery.

If this doesn’t work then the battery may not be to be the cause.

4. The best Generator can be plugged with cables

Before you attempt to turn on your generator, make sure that there is no plug into it. Even if the wires you plug into have no appliances attached to them, unplug everything to determine the reason why your generator will not start.

Common Reasons Why Your best Generator Doesn’t Work

If you depend on an alternative source of energy for powering your home away from the grid, it’s most likely that you’ve got a backup system. It could be a backup plan consisting of solar panels, windmills, or water power.

Your backup plan could include one or more generators , if you’re like many people who live off grid. If your primary system is down or drained and your generator doesn’t work it can be a stressful experience.

We’ve discovered that there are many things you can try before panicking or calling an repairman. Here are eight things to examine if your home best generator doesn’t work.



It doesn’t matter if it’s a diesel or gasoline home generator One of the most common reasons why it won’t start is a lack of fuel. Make sure you check your tank before you start. Getting your generator started can be as simple as filling up your tank.


Old fuel gets thick and sticky with age. And if like us, you don’t operate your generator as often in the summer months, sticky fuel can block the carburetor. A clogged carburetor may be the reason you can’t get your generator going.

Check the fuel. If it appears unclear or is separated, take it out (safely) and then add fresh fuel. Or try Dan’s trick and add a dash of fuel stabilizer.

If the dirt isn’t moving or is worn through or torn, it’s possible your generator won’t be able to start until you replace the air filter. To make sure you have the right air filter for your machine, make sure to check the manual of your generator’s owner.

Blog Home >My Generator Doesn’t Start. What’s the issue? Troubleshooting an issue with your generator.

What can I do to fix my generator that isn’t starting? Generator troubleshooting

Best Generator Won't Start
Best Generator Won’t Start

What’s wrong with my generator that isn’t working? This is a problem that many owners of generators eventually have. It is a problem that affects all devices that have engines eventually. What do you do if your generator won’t start?

Troubleshooting: My generator won’t start

There may be a variety of issues if your generator doesn’t start. It can be frustrating to discover that your generator won’t start when you reach a campsite or the power is cut off.

From many years of experience, I’ve learned that the cause is very simple if you are aware of what to look for. This article will go over the most frequent reasons why your generator won’t turn on and also the less well-known reasons. If your generator isn’t starting after you have followed these guidelines, it may be worthwhile calling your dealer for help. You’re likely to discover the issue and get your generator running again in no time.

Generator Repair

If your generator isn’t starting after reviewing these common issues or you have any doubts about your ability to handle troubleshooting your generator, do not hesitate to search for “professional generator repair services near me .”

Professional Services Professional Services, our skilled service technicians have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your generator and then repair it. If your generator isn’t repairable, we’ll help you select a new one.

If your generator is not starting, you can learn more about us on our site or contact Professional Services of Washington (262) 214-55448 to schedule a visit.

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