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10 Best PC games for 2021

There is an ocean of video games available in the market. And entertainment industries are constantly designing an equal number of magnificent games that make it hard for everyone to catch up with. But we know the feeling, new is going to be new, attractive, and shiny. Every fan looks forward to getting updated with the latest PC games that have been breaking records and setting new standards for the gaming experience. Engaging in the newly released and published games counts for personal fun and entertaining experience, a moment of satisfying bliss for the gamers.

So here are some of the best PC games of 2021 that will leave you on the edge of the seat as you explore them: 

  1. Resident Evil Village

This first-person survival game has 96% liked votes by users worldwide. Capcom has done a brilliant job in designing this next-generation edition with astounding horror-themed visuals. It is the eighth installment in the Resident Evil series, so it is especially a big treat for the saga’s fans. The story continues with the Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters and how he must jump back in hell to save his kidnapped daughter. The delivery of the plot, likable characters, and terrifying foes of the game will take over your senses and leave you wanting for more as you unlock its secrets and endeavor on an action-packed journey. If you’re in for combat, clever escaping extreme situations, and a game brimming with full-on adventure, RE Village fits your type.

  1. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Designed by Ember Lab, it is a third-person perspective and full-on action-adventure game. Playing as Kena, you embark on an adventurous journey in search of the sacred mountain shrine. Filled with visually exquisite landscapes of the forest, spirits called the Rot, the spirit realm, and the abandoned village community, this PC game doesn’t fail to deliver simple yet fast-paced combat backed with wonderful exploration thrill and majestic world-building. Although the gameplay has a familiar concept, the difference brought in by paying attention to perspective, distinct touch, emotional sensibilities, and fun to explore fantastical land makes it a very compelling and elegant gaming ride.

  1. Life is Strange

In for a graphic adventure Best PC games ? Life is Strange is there for you. It is a quest of visual appeal as your character Alex Chen learns to embrace her ‘Curse’, a supernatural power that she can use to manipulate the ardent and passionate feelings and emotions of others around her. Since it is not connected to Life is Strange in terms of story and has its plot and a new set of characters, you can enjoy it without requiring you to play any other Life is Strange games.

  1. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Have you been a fan of the Mass Effect gaming series? Then this gaming edition is a blessing for you. With a compilation of the previous trilogies, Mass Edition, Mass Edition 2, and Mass Edition 3, this game delivers action and adventure Best PC games in an enthralling sci-fi world. It has connected gameplay features and improved graphics that have made the games look so much better and more fun to play. This re-mastered version brought together by BioWare and Electronic Arts is a trip of nostalgic memories of the popular and well-loved Mass Edition video games and is worth playing in 2021.

  1. Hitman 3

Going by HITMAN III, it is the concluding part of the popular Hitman trilogy. This stealth game presents you with a world of deadly assassins where you must follow Agent 47 as he defeats his enemies while escaping his death and survives in a world that will eventually change forever for him. It is equipped with globetrotting locations and exotic actions of survival and hunting and follows the premise immediately after Hitman II. There are features to import previous locations of Hitman 1 and 2 for existing owners without any additional charges. The tactile and immersive world of the setup of HITMAN III delivers a perfect end to the dramatic saga and will eventually leave you feeling both amazed and emotional at the end.

  1. New World

New World is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Best PC games) styled buy-to-play model created and published by Amazon. The interface allows the players to form groups of 4-5 and battle monsters while exploring the world to colonize lands across Aeternum Island. Equipped with different level upgrading powers, quirk travel modes, a superb tapestry, aesthetic bonuses, and much more, this video game is bound to keep you hooked for a long time.

  1. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is the next original title of Hazelight. This game lets you experience genre-bending and quality sound effects in one with a fantastical world-building purely for a co-op adventure. Playing as Mary and Cody who by some unknown means had their mind teleported into two dolls, you and your partner must find a way out to get back into the real bodies in a beyond imaginable journey of mind-altering effects. A merge of gameplay and story in a crazy life journey, this gaming quest will leave you with an incredible feeling. One of the best games designed in 2021, you won’t be disappointed while playing it.

  1. Deathloop

It is a first-person shooter game where your role is of an assassin – Colt, who’s stuck in a time loop and must defeat the Visionaries. This game comes with several side quests where you must use stealth, skills, guns, and powers to complete them and combine your findings to defeat your targets before midnight. Designed by Arkane Studios, this game delivers heavy action scenes that will keep you meditated on the screen.

  1. Psychonauts 2

It is a platform-based game that brings a combination of danger, excitement, and humor in a perfect blend. The inventive and cinematic beauty sets a good stage for an unforgettable experience in a bizarre realm full of psyche powers, surreal mental worlds, quirky missions, and mysterious conspiracies. But is that all in Psychonauts 2? Well, here’s a surprise – the protagonist Raz can dive into the minds of people! This game will leave you with a joyful platforming experience as you explore a twisted domain where Raz dives into the minds of various people, unlocks their deep and hidden memories, and helps them battle their inner demons and get rid of painful emotional baggage. Another surprise – you can slow down time itself in the game to solve puzzles and form strategic battles against your enemies.

  1. Outriders

This game lets you discover and explore the beauty and horror of the planet Enoch as you must go aboard a journey to find the source of an enigmatic light. With detailed and hand-drawn landscapes and scenes that will give you a surreal feeling throughout the game, you can expect to be thrilled as you continue in the premier. One of the main aspects that give Outriders an edge over other games is its combination of the concept of brutal and bloody combat that delivers engaging and fun to play battles. Also, it makes for a great foundation to dig into if you’re into violent and dark-themed genres of horror escape room games.

There are many purchasing options on various platforms that may make you feel giddy with what to choose from. But the above guide will help you get a start into a list of the latest games that you can try and then move on to explore the giant world of video games. Do not get frozen from the abundance of choice, but hop on and experience it for yourself. The members of this list are going to blow your mind!

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