Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

Next Movers and Packer in Dubai
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Next Movers and Packer in Dubai We guarantee an all-inclusive flat rate that is fixed prior to your day of your move. This means that the length of your move won’t affect the price of your move. We will always provide the following services for free. additional cost to you.

No hidden costs Our travel and labor costs are included in the cost-per-hour flat rate

With The Fine Storage & Movers, all travel costs incurred during the process, such as tolls on the road are included in the price, which means there are no hidden costs during the day.

All travel-related expenses such as tolls and fuel are covered in the cost along with the cost of labor to make your reservation.Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

We are a specialist on local residence Dubai and Sharjah relocations. We can help you move across all Emirates in Dubai and Sharjah places.

Office and Commercial Moves

We can relocate your office at night during weekends, and on holidays to reduce the amount of time you are off. With complete office packing and unpacking, your employees will be ready to go the next day.

mall moves

Do you need to move tiny items, or move out of a space with only furniture? Don’t lift a finger using our mini-moving service.

Last Minute Moves

If you need to relocate urgently, our last-minute moving service can help. We’ll get you to your new home as quickly as possible! We also provide emergency packing as well as storage solutions.Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

Wrapping and protection of your furniture

Mattresses wrapped in plastic wrap protection

Couches and chairs – wrapped in moving blankets, and then tapped to protect

Tables – Removed and wrapped in blankets , with crating made of cardboard for glass

Armoires disassembled and double wrapped in blankets

Take extra care of your floors, walls and doors

Floors – On your move day, we make sure that we tread carefully and move your belongings to ensure your flooring. Masonite is available at an additional cost

Corners – Protect the walls’ corners to avoid scuffing both in your home prior to and upon the arrival at your new home.

Hallways – Prior to moving things, we apply barriers to hallway passageways in the appropriate manner, to avoid the possibility of damage

Doors – We take care when moving objects to protect frame from scratches

Easy Documentation

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are confused by the procedure for working and also with unnecessary documents. We have created the most efficient and simple process that starts from the moment you submit your application until the receipt of your possessions.

Our experts can help you understand these terms and conditions very easy way, and will assist you in filling out an agreement. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about confusion or false information regarding your application is related.Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

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