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Soccer odds today – Online soccer odds at Okvip 

Okvip  Detailed statistics on online bookmakers’ soccer odds for almost all tournaments in the world. With data continuously updated online without delay, helping all players get the latest and most detailed betting information today.

Bookie OK VIP Provides a complete and detailed bookmaker odds table for today’s and next days’ matches. To quickly find matches, click “Find team name” to enter the name of the team you want to search for or use the “Filter tournament” feature on the bookmaker soccer odds table.

Live soccer betting from bookmaker Okvip

  • The statistical table above is the soccer odds that bookmaker Okvip compiled for upcoming matches today and the following days. 
  • All matches and handicap bets, over/under, 1×2, etc. are displayed in detail, helping viewers easily follow and evaluate the bet they choose.
  • With many different types of soccer odds such as: Asian, European odds, over/under odds, odd even odds, etc. Allows players to easily choose and accurately monitor and evaluate matches.
  • All betting data from the bookmaker is analyzed by experts with many years of experience in football, giving accurate odds of up to 92%.

The most popular types of soccer bets at Okvip today:

Asian Handicap:

  • It is the most popular odds in Vietnam because of the variety of bet types and attractive odds. Also known as Handicap odds, Handicap odds, upper odds, lower odds. Most bookmakers in Vietnam choose this bet as a benchmark for players to bet in the simplest way.
  • The characteristic of Asian handicap is that it compares to other types of handicap and has an additional handicap. Depending on the matches, the house will offer different handicaps to bettors, to create balance for the match. Helps bettors easily choose reasonable odds.

European Handicap (1X2):

  • European Handicap, also known as (1X2), is very popular today. This is the odds that most bookmakers use to determine which team in the match is stronger or weaker. However, players who want to play this type of bet need to have skills and a thorough understanding of 1×2 betting to accurately predict the match outcome.
  • European odds include 3 betting options: Win, Draw and Lose::
    • 1: Bet on the home team to win
    • X: A bet on two teams drawing
    • 2: A bet on the away team to win

Over/under odds:

  • The Over/Under ratio is the most popular among players. Over/Under is also known as Over/Under or Over/Under, abbreviated as (O/U). Most online sports betting services at soccer bookmakers, casinos… use the above form of betting.

  • Of the above types of betting odds, Over – Under is a bet that many players choose to participate in and appreciate because it is easy to participate in. Most of these bets are based on the total number of goals scored in the match to determine the 3-way bet. Over is the upper bet, which the betting player believes will be greater than the total number offered by the bookmaker, Under is the lower bet, the bettor believes. Believe bets will result in loss and a draw.
  • When news of the match has a total number of goals greater than the number of goals offered by the house, the player should choose Over.
  • When it is believed that the match has a total number of goals less than the number offered by the house, the player should choose Under.
  • When news of the match has the same total number of goals as the bookmaker, choose Draw.

First half odds:

  • The first half bet is also known by many people as the 1h soccer bet. This is a type of betting based on the results of the first half to be the basis for determining the win or loss of the first half bet.
  • Odds with accurate, continuously updated statistics help players have a lot of important information to make betting decisions. Therefore, those who love shaking odds cannot ignore this odds.

Over/under odds for the first half:

  • Over/under bets on the first half are also quite popular today. Instead of players playing over/under throughout the entire match, players only play over/under in the first round. This means that the player will predict whether the number of goals scored in the first half will be more or less than the statistics given by the bookmaker in the half. Creating excitement and surprise in the first half, helping to make the matches more exciting. should be more attractive.

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