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T-Shirt Printing Dos and Don’ts

T-Shirts Printing – T Shirt are the new canvas where you can express your artistic mind. To showcase your creative skills, you don’t need to limit yourself to papers and colors. If you are a graphic designer or illustration, designing with advanced technology and getting them printed on apparel is a great way to create a fashion statement as well. 

Moreover, custom t-shirt design is also a powerful way of advertisement. Compared to a tv commercial, a customised t-shirt can engage more people and ensure strong people reach. Therefore, custom t-shirt design has been quite popular these days. 

But, a successful t-shirt design is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not only must the design be attractive, but also the quality must be ensured. Though it might seem quite easy and simple with advanced technology, the process of t-shirt designing and printing can be complicated if you are new in this field. Doesn’t matter if you are a designer or want to custom design t-shirts by a professional; you must have some key information in mind. 

So, keep your eyes on this article to get some professional tips on designing a t-shirt considering the things you must do and avoid to achieve a great design. 

T-Shirts Printing

Things You Must Do While Designing T-shirts

Here is a quick guideline to help you create a successful t-shirt design that will promote your business or campaign effectively. But, before you begin designing t-shirts, you must know some basics about t-shirt design and printing. Let’s find out what else you must-do 

1. Brainstorm the purpose of a t-shirt

Whether it’s a campaign or brand promotion, the first and foremost thing you must think about is the purpose and objective that you want to achieve with t-shirt design. It can be establishing the brand, effective walking advertisement, creating an emotional connection with the people, and keeping the users connected in your absence. The t-shirt imprints an impression and works as a reminder about the brand.

2. Researching the audience

Think about who is your target audience. Is it male or female? What is their interest that will motivate them to have your products and services? What is the age group? The more you learn about the audience, the better T-shirt design you can come up with for advertising and marketing. 

3. Size Matters

Since t-shirts are apparel, size is one of the prior things you must pay attention to. You must be thinking of going with the standard size; however, the size also depends on the t-shirt material and type of the design. To understand what size will look better, you can do a sample test just to check how it looks and modify if needed. 

4. Correct design and logo placement 

The proficiency of graphic design will be required for a balanced t-shirt design. Where to put the logo or how big the design should be is a crucial part of designing. In this case, keep the below things in mind for a balanced placement. 

What is the collar size of the t-shirt varying different age group, where do you want to place the design: chest, sleeve, pocket, bottom, etc.? Is it a basic, polo, athletic, or pocket t-shirt! 

5. Choosing the right typography and color

The power and significance of the t-shirt design depend on the color and typography. Choose the fonts that articulate the design most effectively. However, it also has to be reader-friendly. Hence, please choose the correct font size so that it is easily visible and readable. You can choose from some of the popular fonts such as Shrikhand, Lobster, Ostrich Sans, and so on. 

If you want, you can mix two fonts together, but make sure they complement each other. Then, for the case of color, you must refer to the color wheel. It will help you to easily identify which colors will best match and complement the design more. 

6. Choose a high-quality garment material 

Before you finalize the print, you must know the material you will print on. Though budget is a massive factor, some of the popular materials for t-shirts are cotton and polyester. You can use it directly to garment and screen printing with embroidery in cotton. 

Whereas in polyester, you can go for transfer printing and sublimation. Before you decide, you can do a sample test on versatile material to see which type presents the design beautifully. 

T-Shirts Printing

Things You Must Avoid While Designing T-shirts

There are so many key aspects to consider while creating a successful t-shirt design. However, hardly anyone talks about the things that can cause a design to fail. Being an experienced designer, here I will talk about some of them that you must be aware of while designing a t-shirt. – T-Shirts Printing

1. Don’t compromise with the fabric material 

Most of the clients keep a good budget for design and printing but hardly focus on the garment material. If you do so, people will have a low impression of your brand. Also, since it’s apparel, it must give comfort that people become fond of your product. So, you must ensure quality fabric to achieve the trust and engagement of the users. It will also benefit your advertisement and marketing campaign. – T-Shirts Printing

2. Adding too many details 

A great design comes with flawless detail. Having said that, you must avoid adding too many elements to one design. It will not only make the design complicated but hardly readable for the audience. Hence, the purpose of using the t-shirt for marketing will not serve. 

You may have fondness over elements like floral, geometric, quotes, etc. But, it’s always better to go for simple but meaningful design. Therefore, you must add the details carefully so that the final design can draw the attention of the audience and give them the message that they will hold on to. – T-Shirts Printing

3. Choosing the right t-shirt printing service 

Most clients tend to go to the printing services that fit the budget or offer promotional deals. But, in most cases, they are very rigid when it comes to meeting your printing requirement. Hence, you must research the printing services beforehand and find out their service policies. 

If you are looking for same day printing services in London you will find reliable sources like printbrittania.com, printpal, printyo, and so on. No matter which service provider you use, you must know the minimum order quantity, design tools, ordering options, etc. 

4. Finalizing the draft design 

When you are in a hurry or need to print a t-shirt on one day’s notice, in most cases, the clients tend to go with the first design they see. No matter how urgent your need is, you must not rush in the design phase because that is the key to the campaign. 

Even if you go to a highly-skilled designer and printing service, you must evaluate the design, for it must meet the goal you are aiming for. Thus, you must carefully choose the right colour, font, and design elements. The combination of all these aspects must be cohesive. To understand better, get sample prints and modify if needed. – T-Shirts Printing

5. Inflating costs for printing

It’s natural to get all excited over t-shirt printing. But, keeping a budget that won’t add up to inflating costs is also an important matter to consider. Hence, you must be mindful of the number of t-shirts, how many shirts to print in different sizes, shipping duration, and cost to keep the budget just right. If you are prepared for these ahead of time, you can minimize the unnecessary cost and calculate the revenue of the campaign easily. – T-Shirts Printing

Professional Tips for the Most Effective T-shirt Design

You already know what you should do and must avoid while designing a t-shirt. Here, I will share some bonus tips from professional designers that will help you make each campaign a sure success. 

Always keep your eyes on the big brands when it comes to design. Study their campaign activities and how well they put together to achieve their advertising goal.

Having a conceptual design has more meaning and leaves a message in the audience’s mind. 

Less is more. The more details you add to one design, the more expensive it will be. It also makes the design too complicated. So, keep the design minimal and straightforward. 

Choose a design that is timeless. Thus, it will not be limited to the trend of a specific time. Hence, you can use it over and over again if needed. – T-Shirts Printing

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Final Verdict

T-Shirt Printing designing is a trending advertising method. Many companies are embracing t-shirt design and print for brand promotion, raising awareness, and increasing sales. It has become a competition that it’s important to set yourself distinct from others. By following the tips mentioned earlier, you can come up with an amazing t-shirt design that will bring you closer to the marketing success you are hoping for. 

So, it’s time to choose the right designer and printing service carefully. To get the same day printing service in London, Print Britannia is right here for you to ensure quality and quantity just the way you require. – T-Shirts Printing

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