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Touchless Flush Toilets by Horow: Elevating Hygiene and Effortless Operation

In the pursuit of cleanliness and convenience, touchless flush toilets have emerged as a modern solution to traditional restroom fixtures. Horow, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, introduces the Horow T05 – a touchless flush toilet designed to elevate hygiene and provide effortless operation. Let’s delve into how Horow’s touchless flush toilets are revolutionizing bathroom experiences.

Hygienic Touchless Technology

Horow‘s touchless flush toilets utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance hygiene in the bathroom. With the Horow T05, users can enjoy a hands-free flushing experience, minimizing contact with potentially germ-ridden surfaces. The automatic opening and closing lid further reduce the need for manual operation, ensuring a hygienic and sanitary environment for users.

Effortless Operation for Added Convenience

Gone are the days of manual flushing and lid lifting – Horow’s touchless flush toilets offer effortless operation for added convenience. The Horow T05 features timely heating on both sides and an automatic deodorizer, providing users with warmth and freshness without the hassle of unpleasant odors. With Horow’s touchless flush toilets, users can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free bathroom experience every time.

Smart Features for Enhanced Comfort

Beyond its touchless functionality, the Horow T05 boasts a range of smart features designed to enhance comfort and convenience. From its automatic opening and closing lid to its timely heating and deodorizing capabilities, this smart toilet takes bathroom comfort to the next level. Whether you’re braving the cold winter months or simply seeking a more pleasant restroom experience, Horow’s touchless flush toilets have you covered.


In conclusion, Horow’s touchless flush toilets represent the pinnacle of bathroom innovation, offering unparalleled hygiene and effortless operation. With features like automatic flushing, lid opening and closing, and timely heating and deodorizing, the Horow T05 provides users with a comfortable and convenient restroom experience like never before. Invest in the cleanliness and convenience of Horow’s touchless flush toilets and elevate your bathroom to new heights of sophistication and comfort.

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