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What is mental heath?

Extreme mood swings in highs and lows Inability to deal with everyday problems or the stress of life
Suicidal ideas. A significant amount of fatigue, low energy or trouble sleeping Paranoia, detachment from reality or hallucinations Problems in understanding and connecting to people and situations Changes in the Sex Drive, Significant changes in the way we eat Hostile, violent or exaggerated anger. violence
Abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Stress is among the main causes of mental health issues and is usually due to a disruption in the functioning of the body or because of minor issues in the home, in social settings, or at work. The increasing competition and decreasing support networks are one of the main causes, that are causing behavioral problems.

The clinic provides services of Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatry, Counseling(Psychotherapy), and Psychological testing under a single roof. The clinic also provides complete Clinical Psychology services in form of Counseling/Psychotherapy and different types of Psychological testing.

what is mental health

Best mental health services in Delhi NCR

In addition to the best mental health services in Delhi NCR, The division also is specialized in the treatment of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Disorders and Psycho-sexual Disorders.

We are an inter-disciplinary team comprising psychiatrists, psychologists, designers and professionals from the development sector, and technologists.

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Meet the best mental health Team:

Ambedkar University Kashmere Gate
Delhi, Delhi 110006

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