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Magic bows 5e

best magic items to use for Archery in D&D 5E

Magic bows 5e

The most useful tool is a magic bow, bracers of archery 5e or crossbow. (up to +3) Bracers for Archery 5e give you +2 damage and proficiency if you don’t have it. Magic ammunition (+1-3) can also be purchased, but each can only be used once. You can use this in conjunction with a magic bow/crossbow or sling. However, spell precedence means that you cannot enchant the same weapon twice. You will need a DM to rule whether they can be added together, whether a magic crossbow/sling counts for magic for overcoming resistances, and whether ammunition is required for that.

They add to my campaigns, but the weapon bonus doesn’t overcome resistance. While the ammunition does, it does. That is because the weapon improves accuracy but fires regular ammunition, which is what hits. You can add silver to your bow to make it more beautiful or to overcome resistance if you want to use it as a club. Magic resistance is overcome by adding silver to ammunition. They effectively balance each other a bit.

Oathbow 5e

Only one magic ranged weapon is named in the DMG: the Oathbow 5e. It’s not effective against a specific target every day or every seven days if it isn’t killed.

You can also use Arrows of Slaying, which are less common crossbow bolts and theoretically slingshots, to defeat a specific enemy type. They only last one hit.

Quiver of Ehlonna 5e

The Quiver of Ehlonna lets you pack lots of ammunition and even allows you to get the ammunition you need. Many DMs don’t require you to track ammunition. You can also have a method of separating which arrows belong when you have a variety of regular, silver, and magic arrows or a variety of arrows for the slaying.

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