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Nothing Beats Beef Wellington in UK Winters

A steak is always a family favourite in the UK, but when winter really becomes unbearable there’s another incredible option and it is Wellington beef, consisting of a tenderloin coated with creamy pâté and duxelles and then wrapped in a puffed pastry before being baked to the perfect crunchy, tender dinner.

But we understand, that moving away from your comfort zone is hard, and this is why we’ve compiled our perfect reasons to choose beef Wellington this year.

Beef Wellington Tastes Incredible

If you’ve never had beef Wellington before, you’re missing out, it’s crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside and is made to be a crowd-pleaser. The point we’re trying to make is that it’s a great winter warmer dish. Especially if your loved ones are tired of the usual pot roasts, Sunday lasagnes and pasta dishes.

From the first bite to the last bite, beef Wellington is just a fantastic choice to keep everyone happy, and we guarantee it’s delicious when you want to make picky eaters happy.

It Comes Ready Made

Even a seasoned chef would struggle with a beef in Wellington, which is why we are happy to say that it can come ready-made from your local online butcher in the UK. If you tried to make it yourself it would actually take hours to prepare the sauces, tenderloin and the puff pastry, not to mention the baking and the effort it takes to get it all right.

Instead, opt for the convenience of an online butcher and have the beef Wellington delivered to your door with the rest of your week’s groceries and just pop it in the oven.

It’s a Great Sunday Dinner

Sundays are for resting, but to the family, Sunday is a great night. This means they expect a meal with all the bells and whistles. This isn’t practical for many busy UK families, do take a load off your own shoulders and opt for a ready-made beef Wellington. All you have to do is make the sides and you can leave the beef Wellington to your local online butcher. Trust us, it’s much easier to handle things this way, and you have to do much less work.

It’s Very Affordable

Whether you make it from scratch or buy it from the butcher, a beef Wellington is a surprisingly cheap option for dinner. Of course, buying it ready-made is cheaper than buying the individual ingredients and you also save time this way, and we all know time is as valuable as money these days.

If you want the best beef in Wellington in all of England, Parsons Nose is the online butcher for you. Their beef wellington is affordable, ready-made and easy to make.

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